Frequently asked questions

Building Operations

  • ​​​​​​Respond to physical needs of common areas
  • Maintain the general physical upkeep of the building
  • Respond to resident work order requests, concerns and complaints
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Routine building inspections
  • Maintain building supplies
  • Board-approved project management for large projects
  • Safety oversight
  • House Rules / By-laws oversight
  • Preparation of annual property overview
  • Fuel / Energy / Utility / Elevator inspection & management
  • Oversee and renew service contracts
  • Laundry facility maintenance and coin collection (where applicable)
  • Building efficiency consulting
  • Condominium / Cooperative correspondence
  • File all necessary building department documents

Building Maintenance

  • Trash, recycle & compost curbside placement
  • Exterior steps, entrance and sidewalk maintenance
  • Interior hallways, steps and vestibule maintenance [2 floors]
  • On call property manager for maintenance emergencies

Seasonal Clean Up

  • Monitoring of local storm and its' potential effects to properties.
  • Determine best time to begin snow clearing process and alert all owners of snow clearing timeline.
  • Clear snow from entrances, steps, walkways, driveways, and sidewalks.
  • Apply anti-icing products that are the most effective and safest to use on your property.

Financial Management

  • Monthly common charge & other income collection
  • Bill & common element payments
  • Delinquent account management
  • Account statement to individual unit owners
  • Building accounting & reporting
  • Operating budget preparation
  • Reserve & operating account management
  • Operating account & other financial deadline alerts
  • Coordination with CPA in building audits & tax matters
  • Insurance procurement & review

Owner Services

  • 24/7/365 contact for maintenance issues
  • Building emergency response
  • Cloud-based owner/management portal
  • 24/7 access to real time property information
  • See open work orders/correspondence
  • Financial details, including financial reports & records
  • Community message boards & contacts
  • E-payment options for common charges, maintenance, assessments and other charges

Vendor Management

We can provide project management & vendor coordination for the following services: Emergency repairs Yard Maintenance Locksmith Handyman Plumbing Exterminator Electrical Renovations Tax accounting Photography Vacation Rental Maintenance

Professional House Cleaning

  • Clean and wipe windows, sills, doorknobs, and fixtures.
  • Complete bathroom cleaning
  • Complete kitchen cleaning
  • Sweep & mop all flooring surfaces
  • Vaccuum carpeting & rugs
  • Strips & replaces bed linens
  • Replace bath towels & rags
  • Launders bed lined & bathroom towels
  • Inspects all door locks, window locks, light swicthes to ensure they are in working order